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Terms & Conditions

Binding terms and conditions of sale

The following are binding terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions"), applicable to Suzhou Yinaka Electronics Co., Ltd. ("Suzhou Yinaka") The terms and conditions do not include any product ("Product") sales made by customers in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macau Special Administrative Region or Taiwan). In this article, "manufacturer" refers to any manufacturer, manufacturer or supplier that serves the products of Suzhou Yinaka (but not including its parent company Yinaka Electronics, referred to as "Yinaka Electronics").

1. Acceptance and cancellation of orders; special orders

All product orders shall be accepted in writing by Suzhou Yinaka or Suzhou Yinaka's officially authorized agent. If the receipt of the order is confirmed in writing, this in itself does not constitute acceptance of the order. The customer can only cancel an order accepted by Suzhou Yinaka with the written consent of Suzhou Yinaka. If the order is cancelled for any reason, the customer should pay a reasonable cancellation fee or replenishment fee (covering all costs and commitments made by Suzhou Yinaka) to Suzhou Yinaka, and this does not limit Suzhou Yinaka Any other subsidies that can be enjoyed as a result of such cancellation. The customer's application for rescheduling the delivery time of the product shall be accepted by Suzhou Yinaka (and Suzhou Yinaka decides whether to accept it or not). After the order has been submitted by Suzhou Yinaka to the shipping carrier, Suzhou Yinaka will not agree to cancel or reschedule the product delivery time. Suzhou Yinaka has the right to allocate the sales and quantity of selected products among its customers at its sole discretion. Product specifications and product supply may be changed without prior notice.

Certain product orders may involve products that Suzhou Yinaka does not exist in the general inventory and therefore must be specially ordered from the manufacturer on behalf of the customer with the part number and quantity ("Special Order"). A special order does not constitute acceptance, nor a final order, unless a specific "special order agreement" has been entered into between the customer and Suzhou Yinaka. Are included).

2. Price

The order is invoiced at the price in effect at the time of shipment. The price will be the price determined by Suzhou Yinaka and will be applied to the period determined in the Suzhou Yinaka's quotation, or according to the regulations on the Suzhou Yinaka website (if applicable). If no period is determined, the quoted price will be valid for 30 days. The Suzhou Yinaka catalog reflects the latest pricing information available at the time the catalog is printed. The prices stated in the catalog may be changed without notice. The product price includes all shipping costs. If Suzhou Yinaka's costs increase or there are other circumstances beyond Suzhou Yinaka's reasonable control, the price will rise. If the customer does not purchase the quantity corresponding to the bulk price, the customer will pay the pre-discount price and/or the cancellation fee or replenishment fee determined by Suzhou Yinaka for the actual quantity purchased. The price includes the value-added tax levied by the relevant Chinese authorities. Suzhou Yinaka will be responsible for any customs duties, customs declaration fees, document fees and other fees and charges related to the import of the product from China.

3. Payment terms

The customer agrees to pay the full amount of such invoices in accordance with the terms of each invoice issued by Suzhou Yinaka, without any offset or deduction. All payments must be made in Chinese currency (RMB). Payment by credit card is processed at the same time as the order is placed. In addition, the payment method with a 30-day payment period can be applied to companies, schools and institutions with 3 introducers or according to the separate regulations of Suzhou Yinaka.

All orders are subject to credit approval by Suzhou Yinaka. Suzhou Yinaka may change customer credit terms at any time at its sole discretion. For customer orders, before any or all products are shipped, cash, bank wire transfer/electronic fund transfer , Or official bank cheque, and request payment of any or all payments that are due or about to be due. If Suzhou Yinaka has sufficient evidence to show that the customer’s ability to make payments is in doubt, or if the customer does not pay any due invoices, Suzhou Yinaka may suspend the delivery of any ordered products or any remaining products of any order until the payment is completed. , Suzhou Yinaka may cancel any order or any remaining products in it. If Suzhou Yinaka suspends delivery accordingly, it shall promptly notify the customer. If the customer provides a sufficient guarantee for the order (the sufficiency of the guarantee is determined by Suzhou Yinaka itself), Suzhou Yinaka will resume delivery subsequently. The customer will still be liable for payment for any shipped products. The customer agrees to provide the financial information reasonably required by Suzhou Yinaka to determine the credit terms and/or extend the credit terms. Unpaid due invoices will accrue interest on the day of payment, with an annual interest rate of 18% or the highest interest rate allowed by applicable laws and regulations (whichever is lower). If the customer fails to pay the due payment, Suzhou Yinaka may seek any legal assistance or any remedial measures. In this case, Suzhou Yinaka will be entitled to compensation for the fees and reasonable attorney fees incurred by the collection.

3.1 Credit/debit card

The available credit cards include: MasterCard, Visa and China UnionPay. For new customers, credit card billing information must be reviewed before order products are shipped.

3.2 Prepaid wire transfer or electronic funds transfer

Customers can pay in advance to the bank account of Suzhou Yinaka by wire transfer or other electronic fund transfer methods according to Suzhou Yinaka's instructions. After the customer places the order, Suzhou Yinaka will send a proforma invoice to the customer by e-mail, which contains Suzhou Yinaka's bank information and the total product price. Suzhou Yinaka will keep the product inventory for the customer’s prepaid order for 72 hours, pending confirmation of receipt of funds. If the funds are not received, the customer's prepaid order will be cancelled after 20 working days. All bank charges incurred by wire transfer or electronic funds transfer payment will be borne by the customer.

3.3 Check

If a check from a corporate customer is accepted, it should be cashed, and the cashing date will be regarded as the payment date. Suzhou Yinaka may use any cheque received from a customer to fulfill any obligations of the customer to Suzhou Yinaka under any order or other contract of Suzhou Yinaka, regardless of whether there is any statement or statement on the cheque. If there is any statement regarding the check, the customer is still liable for any other payment owed to Suzhou Yinaka. Suzhou Yinaka's acceptance of the check does not constitute a waiver of its right to collect any balance. The customer is responsible for all bank charges incurred due to the return of his cheque and the expenses incurred by Suzhou Yinaka.

4. Taxation

Value-added tax and related taxes or other charges apply to all orders made with Suzhou Yinaka, and these taxes are all borne by the customer and are included in the invoices issued by Suzhou Yinaka to the customer.

5. Delivery and ownership

Suzhou Yinaka shall deliver the products according to the selected method (if any) during the order process. If the delivery method is not selected during the following order process, the customer and Suzhou Yinaka may agree on the delivery method. If not agreed, Suzhou Yinaka shall deliver according to the method selected by the customer's location, and the relevant shipping charges will be reflected in the invoice. Suzhou Yinaka has the right to stop the transportation during the transportation. Under this premise, the delivery of the product to the customer (or the customer's carrier, if applicable) will constitute a delivery to the customer, and once the delivery occurs, the ownership and risk of loss will be transferred To the customer. If the customer and Suzhou Yinaka have agreed on a delivery time, Suzhou Yinaka shall deliver within that time. If the time is a fixed period (15-20 days after the order below), Suzhou Yinaka can Deliver at any time within the period. If the customer and Suzhou Yinaka do not agree on a delivery time, Suzhou Yinaka can deliver to the customer at any time after placing the order, and the customer can request delivery at any time after the order is placed, but the customer should provide Suzhou Yinaka for the delivery time they wish. Naco gives reasonable written notice in advance. If applicable, the choice of carrier and delivery route will be completed by Suzhou Yinaka, unless specifically specified by the customer. Suzhou Yinaka reserves the right to deliver in batches. The delay in the delivery of one batch of products does not entitle the customer to cancel any other batches. Any batch of products delivered within 30 days after the required date will constitute timely delivery. If the delivered quantity is less than the specified quantity, this does not relieve the customer of the obligation to accept the delivery of Suzhou Yinaka and the obligation to pay for the delivered goods.

6. Product return

6.1 Product return under limited warranty

If laws or regulations do not stipulate a specific period of time for a specific product, the customer must notify Suzhou Yinaka within 90 days after the date of shipment of the product, indicating that it understands the limited warranty mentioned in Article 7. If Suzhou Yinaka agrees to accept returns based on the applicable manufacturer's guarantee (the guarantee relates to the customer's product), the customer must prepay all transportation and shipping charges. In order to initiate the product return under Article 6.1, the customer must contact the relevant Suzhou Yinaka sales representative to obtain the "Return Material Authorization Number" and instructions. Any product returned on this basis must be in the original packaging (the original packaging provided by the manufacturer or the original packaging provided by Suzhou Yinaka) and unused. Electrostatic sensitive products should be unopened (unless under controlled conditions).

6.2 Defective product return/three guarantees

Three guarantees: Suzhou Yinaka complies with the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China", "Consumer Rights Protection Law" and relevant regulations, and fulfills its obligation to provide repairs, replacements or refunds for products with inherent quality defects. If no specific product regulations apply to a particular product sold by Suzhou Yinaka, the obligation to provide customers with repair, replacement or refund shall be implemented in accordance with Suzhou Yinaka's standard "three guarantee policies". The text of this policy can be Check it on, which is updated at any time by Suzhou Yinaka.

6.3 Circumstances where product returns will be rejected:

Products are not sold and shipped by Suzhou Yinaka;

The product has been used by the customer, except for inherent defects;

The product is not a defective product, that is, a product that is damaged, short, poor in quality, or inconsistent with specifications.

6.4 Prevent counterfeit products

If Suzhou Yinaka receives any products that are not sold and shipped by it, Suzhou Yinaka will immediately conduct inspections, processing and destruction. For products returned by customers to Suzhou Inac, the customer certifies that the returned products were purchased from Suzhou Inac, and are not in the same or similar manner as other manufacturers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or other channels of the same or similar products. Similar products are replaced in whole or in part.

7. Yinaka's Limited Warranty

If the relevant product guarantees obtained by Suzhou Yinaka from the manufacturer are transferable, Suzhou Yinaka agrees to transfer any such guarantees to the customer. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, Yinaka has not made and expressly refuses to endorse any other guarantees, guarantees, promises or representations (whether written, oral, explicit or implied, or due to facts or Produced due to the implementation of laws and regulations or other reasons).

8. Yinaka complies with the "Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment" and the lead-free policy

All "international environmental regulations" applicable to Suzhou Yinaka as a result of Suzhou Yinaka's sales of products (used in China or other countries outside of China) shall be complied with. This is Suzhou Yinaka's policy. The international environmental regulations include, but are not limited to, any laws, regulations, rules, or instructions that restrict hazardous substances in electronic equipment and/or the disposal or recycling of such equipment. Unless otherwise expressly stipulated in writing by Suzhou Yinaka, Suzhou Yinaka has not made any representations, guarantees, promises or guarantees to customers as to whether the use of its products complies with any international environmental regulations, and the customer shall independently determine whether the use of Suzhou Yinaka products Whether the use of is in compliance with the customer’s obligations under any such international environmental regulations. If the "Administrative Measures for the Control of Pollution from Electronic Information Products in China" apply to products sold in accordance with these terms and conditions, Suzhou Yinaka will comply with its obligations as an importer and seller under the Measures.

9. Product origin

Suzhou Yinaka marked the origin information on all products in its inventory. This information is provided to customers on product labels and product shipping documents. In accordance with applicable Chinese laws and regulations (including customs and/or import rules and regulations), this information is only based on the information provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer did not provide Suzhou Yinaka with the origin information of each raw material or sub-component used in the manufacturer’s products.

10. Limitation of Liability; Customer Compensation

If there are any other provisions to the contrary in these terms and conditions, to the extent permitted by applicable law, Suzhou Yinaka (or any subsidiary, affiliate, shareholder, director, manager, senior staff or employee of Yinaka) Under the circumstances, shall not be liable to any other party for any of any nature arising from the sale or purchase of the product, the performance of these terms and conditions, the violation of these terms and conditions and/or the use of the product or in any respect related to this. Indirect, special, incidental, incidental, punitive or exemplary damages or damages for loss of value, loss of profit or loss of business opportunities are not liable, including but not limited to loss of profit or income, Damages caused by cost recovery, claims for service interruption or failure to provide services, testing, installation or removal costs, replacement product costs, or legal fees. If the fault is attributable to the customer’s actions or negligence, the customer shall indemnify Yinaka and defend Yinaka for any claim made by anyone against the products sold by Yinaka and used in the customer’s products. , So that Yinaka from damage.

11. Product safety notices and restrictions

The product is for commercial use only. On the premise of customer requirements and availability from the manufacturer, Suzhou Yinaka can provide product batch tracking information. Suzhou Yinaka does not determine the specifications of any products it sells or conduct any performance or safety tests on the products. The specification sheet provided to the customer is made by the manufacturer or extracted from the information provided by the manufacturer. If it has not obtained the special permission of the Chinese consumer protection authority, and Suzhou Yinaka has not obtained such permission, Suzhou Yinaka shall not sell such products or parts in China. Suzhou Yinaka is not a supplier in the "Qualified Manufacturers List", nor is it a component supplier in the "Qualified Products List". The customer agrees that all purchases made for commercial purposes or other applications do not require the use of the "Qualified Product List" component. Any mention of military specifications in Suzhou Yinaka's catalog or webpage is for reference only and does not modify these terms and conditions. Suzhou Yinaka has not participated in any product safety engineering, product safety review or product safety testing. Suzhou Yinaka cannot provide any safety testing, safety assessment or safety engineering services. The products sold by Suzhou Yinaka are not intended to be used or authorized to be used in life support, life support, human implantation, nuclear facilities, flight control systems, etc., and other applications that cause problems in the products sold and lead to personal life Casualties or major property damage (referred to as "unauthorized use"). If the customer uses or sells the product for any such unauthorized use, (1) the customer confirms: the customer will bear the risk of such use or sale; (2) the customer agrees: Suzhou Yinaka and product manufacturing The supplier shall not be liable for any claims or damages arising from such use in whole or For expenses and liabilities, the customer agrees to compensate Suzhou Yinaka and the product manufacturer, defend it, and make

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