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Model: RS 004R
RS series  Down draft 2-flute slitting routerThe RS router has a left hand, down draft design for slitting.It is suitable for slitting when dimensional precision is required.  It is also suitable for spot facing work to prevent burr on the board surface.SIZE:ø0.4-3.175mm *Some..
Ex Tax:¥32.00
Model: SC-008R
The SCMB/SCM routers are suitable for general routing and slitting.  It also has higher ability to resist breakage and good dimensional stability.SIZE:ø0.8-1.8mm *Some..
Ex Tax:¥26.00
Model: USB 16 Channel Relay Module for Automation
The relay module is with 16 SPDT relays. The relays are controlled via PC USB port and it is shown as virtual serial port (virtual com port). It is possible to control directly 220V / 120V devices with your PC usb port up to 15A max. There is flexible software for this usb relay module allowing to b..
Ex Tax:¥1,780.00
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