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Tools & Supplies (Tools & Supplies), everything. Yinaka Electronics is an authorized distributor of many original tools and consumables, providing tools and consumables from many top manufacturers in the industry, including AVX, Bourns, Cornell Dubilier, Kemet, KOA, Murata, Nichicon, TDK, TE Connectivity, TT electronics, Vishay, Yageo and many other well-known manufacturers. We provide a rich product line of tools and consumables, including

3D printing and accessories Accessories, tapes, anti-static control products, chemicals, dry wipes, labels and industrial warning signs, liquid dispensers and bottles, pre-saturated wipes, etc. To learn more about passive components, please browse the following product categories or view our latest tools and consumables page.

Model: CCR-33S30-N
The CCR-33S/CR-33S is a broadband, SPDT, electromechanical, coaxial switch designed to switcha microwave signal from a common input to either of two outputs. The characteristic impedance is 50 Ohms. The small switches incorporate SMA connectors.The CCR-33S/CR-33S series switch is offered with a fail..
Ex Tax:¥1,890.00
Model: DC-015
DC series   Diamond Coated Routers with Chip-breaker fluteUnion Tool diamond coating features excellent adhesion on the tools with a very hard surface. It is applied on the routers that are designed for high rigidity and efficient swarf evacuation. The DC routers achieve outstanding tool l..
Ex Tax:¥500.00
Model: RH-008R008
RCMB/RCM/RHM routers have diamond-cut geometry and can be used for contour routing on most general printed circuit boards. The design offers good swarf evacuation and long life.up draft type:The RCMB/RCM routers have a right hand, up draft design with a diamond-cut geometry.  It offers good sur..
Ex Tax:¥6.00
Model: RS 004R
RS series  Down draft 2-flute slitting routerThe RS router has a left hand, down draft design for slitting.It is suitable for slitting when dimensional precision is required.  It is also suitable for spot facing work to prevent burr on the board surface.SIZE:ø0.4-3.175mm *Some..
Ex Tax:¥32.00
Model: SC-008R
The SCMB/SCM routers are suitable for general routing and slitting.  It also has higher ability to resist breakage and good dimensional stability.SIZE:ø0.8-1.8mm *Some..
Ex Tax:¥26.00
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