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Nested development kits and accessories

We have a variety of embedded development kits, including daughter boards and modules, main platform development kits, single board computers, and development kit accessories such as adapters, circuit board racks, housings, and sensor kits.

Brand: DENKOVI Model: 5 Channels
Five channel Ethernet relay card based on DAEnetIP4 snmp IP controller. Supports independent weekly schedule for up to 30 events without connection to computer. Control it from web browser, DRM and DRMv3 software, command line tool, free Android and iOS App and others. Flexible for integration. For ..
Ex Tax:¥1,600.00
Model: PCA9306EVM
This EVM can be used to evaluate the PCA9306 product in the DCU package. The I2C buses are easily accessed via SDA_1, SCL_1, SDA_2, and SCL_2 test points, and symmetrically laid out for optimal performance. All IC signals are available through test point connections.FeaturesAccess to VDPU1, VDPU2, E..
Ex Tax:¥760.00
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